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May 2010, green museum put into service.
Dec. 2010, nominated as top 10 creative enterprise of Guangdong province.
Mar. 2011, KEDA Hydraulic Company established.
May 2011, merger of HLT.
2011, series of energy saving, emission reduction projects put into service.
2012, merger of WUHU Suremaker Machinery Co., Ltd.
2012, merger of Changsha Aerturbo Compressor Co., Ltd.
2013, merger of Henan NEUTL Metallurgical Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
May 2014, "KEDA  Industrial Co., Ltd."  was renamed  "KEDA  Clean  Energy Co., Ltd."
2015, holder of JIANGSU KEHANG GROUP.
Apr. 2002, Guangdong provincial engineering center launched in KEDA.
Oct. 2002, IPO on Shanghai exchange.
Dec. 2003, permitted to establish post-doctoral research facility.
Jun. 2004, new plant in Chencun industrial zone put into service
Mar. 2005, established Li Pei Gen academician workstation.
May 2006, pilot plant & lab put into service.
Apr. 2007, KEDA (MA’ANSHAN) Clean Energy Co., Ltd. Established.
Jul. 2007, R&D of coal gasification, porcelain panel, brick from solid waste and artificial stone started.
Oct. 2008, national enterprise center of technology approved.
Aug. 2009, KEDA Industrial (MA’ANSHAN) Ltd. Put into service.

Dec. 1992, Shunde KEDA Ceramic Machinery Limited set up.
Dec. 1992, the first ceramic tile squaring & chamfering machine of China manufactured by KEDA.
Dec. 1994, the first ceramic tile calibrating machine of China manufactured by KEDA.
Dec. 1995, the first ceramic tile polishing machine of China manufactured by KEDA.
During Nov. 1996 to 1998, polishing line, squaring & chamfering line were nominated as Guangdong provincial and national key products.
Oct. 1999, KD3200 press is the only product from building ceramic industry shown on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the PRC.